• It takes a village to raise a child.

  • In-home, post-natal care and support.

  • Advice, techniques and help.

  • Keep calm and enjoy your baby :)

The transition to parenthood is a major life event.  Both first time and experienced parents can feel physically and psychologically overwhelmed.  The effects of fatigue and post-natal depression are increased significantly in the first few months of new parent life.

Success in adapting to parenthood can vary widely according to expectations, knowledge, emotional health and support.  Many families require additional support which in days gone by, was often provided by extended family who lived nearby.  However, in our modern world where extended family are not always as close as we would like, mums with new bubs still need support.

That's where Cuddle Up Baby Care can help.  We provide an individually enhanced support system to empower families to develop confidence in adjusting to the early days of family life.  It takes a village to raise a child and we would love to be part of that village :)